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Vladimir Putin’s 7-Ton Limo Makes Debut At Geneva Motor Show

If you want to ride like Vlad — Russian President Vladimir Putin, that is — this may be the limo for you.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Russian automaker Aurus has trotted out a hulky, luxurious Senat Limousine L700 with lines vaguely reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce.

It should be noted that Putin’s Bunker on Wheels is a modified version which the company has worked on including adding some high security, armoured workings on it.

The company's stand on Thursday featured a model that once toted around the Russian leader. He's also driven the Aurus himself.

Russian automaker and the maker of Vladimir Putin’s armoured Limo, Aurus, has revealed the hulky luxurious Senat Limousine L700 at the ongoing Geneva Motor show.

While the one on display may not be as secure as Putin’s Bunker on Wheels, the L700 at Aurus stand still come in a seven-ton armored version and an unarmored model.

The 21.7 feet (6,630 mm) long Limo has a massive 14.1 feet (4300 mm) wheelbase that dwarf the Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase.

Hilgert said the vehicle comes with 600 horsepower and an automatic transmission, all made in Russia.

Executives are aiming to start sales in Europe next year or 2021. Aurus spokeswoman said pricing wouldn't be announced until next month.

Putin In His Convoy

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