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Meet Joy Onoja: A Traffic Warden Who Discharges Her Duty Passionately In Kogi - Photos

A portion in the holy book says, Seest a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings. This same portion can be said of a Kogi State traffic warden who has gone viral due to dedication to her work, her smile and how she has performed excellently well even in the face of anger, insults and adversity. In a post dedicated to her on social media, Mrs. Onoja was said to be a traffic warder who carries diligence and dedication. Read below...

The words ‘diligence’ and ‘dedication’ come to life in the personality of an outstanding traffic warden who is the cynosure of all eyes in Lokoja Metropolis - Mrs. Onoja Joy. Her excitement seemed palpable when she explained:

“I started working with the Nigerian police force in April 2003 and in those years I was privileged to serve in the Traffic Unit of the Force. I count it a privilege because it has been a lifelong dream of mine to be a traffic warden, as a young lady, I will get really thrilled when I travel across highways and see traffic controllers gyrate in tune with the movement of vehicles. I would say to myself “I must surely become one of them someday”.

I have made lots of friends since I started this job and I am loved by old and young, rich and poor. What makes me stand out is the apparent energy and zest with which I discharge my duties. Most people have described me as having no shame and relying on some narcotic drug or the other to be able to do what I do, I simply ignore such comments because I am a proud born-again Christian belonging to the Deeper Life denomination up until I joined my husband’s Mountain of Fire Church.

 I have been given a couple of awards locally and I get financial gifts from people who appreciate what I do especially when they find out I am not just a wife but a mother of five.”

These are some of her images when she is discharging her duty in Lokoja, Kogi State.

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