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Lagos 2019: Sanwo-Olu Gifts Motorists Free Coke Drinks At Lekki Toll Gate

Its election time in Nigeria! That rings a bell, right? When it's election period, politicians will do anything possible within their power to get the attention of the voters and also do anything even if it is washing your car to get votes they will gladly do it.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu is an aspirant under APC aiming for the number one of Lagos State. His PR team have been doing all they could to put him in the spotlight from social media to newspapers, to the traditional media, just name it, you will find Sanwo-Olu there. They seem to have taken the campaign to a new level and this time, the campaign team went to Lekki Toll Gate to share free Coca Cola drinks to the road users, the hustle is getting real you say!

This is not the first time that Sanwo-Olu will be at Lekki Toll Gate, last year December, he was at Lekki Toll Gate where he gave a free pass to motorists and this time around, its free coke to all drivers and road users. Let's await the strategy of other political parties

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