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Fiat Concept Centoventi Previews The Future Electric Panda In Geneva

As its name in Italian suggests, the FIAT concept centoventi celebrates the quirky, beloved brand’s 120th anniversary at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. In their typical fashion, the concept car aims to break away from traditional looks, design, and engineering to showcase a bold, democratic, affordable vision of electric mobility in the near future. As a highlight of this, the vehicle can be re-configured on a daily basis by its owner.

With compact, almost monolithic proportions, the FIAT concept centoventi starts as a blank canvas that embodies the brand’s ‘less is more’ philosophy – and a hint of styling from the ‘Panda’ model. Its simple, uncluttered design is ready to be tailored by its customers. To start with, there is a choice of four roofs, four bumpers, four-wheel covers, and four external wrappings. A straight waistrail highlights its strong two-box look whilst wide door bumpers, which are made from a new expanded foam material, absorbs scratches and knocks.

Customer freedom doesn’t just stop at the exterior though; colors, interior configuration, infotainment system, and even battery range can be customized on any day they like. 114 accessories – sound system, dashboard and door storage, and seat cushions – can be purchased online and fitted by customers at their own homes. The spacious four-seater interior encompasses their modular ‘plug and plays’ principle. Small holes on the dashboard and door panels enable additional components of any shape and function to be fitted. furthermore, the front passenger's seat can be replaced by a child seat or even a storage box when needed.

The FIAT concept centoventi offers you more in terms of their renowned Italian design, spaciousness, and care for the environment. The vehicle is equipped as standard with a factory-mounted battery with a range of 62 miles. This can be enhanced with up to three additional batteries in order to increase the mile range to a total of 310.

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