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Commissioning Turns Sour As FCT Minister Suspends Fire Chief Over Refurbish Vehicles - Video

Commissioning Turns Sour as FCT Minister Suspends the director of the FCT Fire Service, Mr Opetunsin over alleged dereliction of duty and perceived incompetence.

The FCT Minister, Mohammed Bello went to commission some Fire Service facilities, vehicles.

Trouble started when the FCT Minister finished commissioning the vehicles and moved to inspect them. To his shock, the ambulance had no air condition facilities and oxygen, while he opened one of the drawers to check for drugs and saw the kit, it was dusty and unkempt.

The visibly unhappy minister then moved to check the fire fighting trucks, when he asked for a brief display, he was once again shocked to be told that there is no water in the tanker.

The minister managed to contend his anger as he read his speech after the inspection.

The minister later decided to inspect the office building complex, it was at this time that issues got more complicated! The minister discovered that logbooks were not kept by some departments. Upon further inspections, the minister discovered that the 6-flat apartment building made to be used by those on duty were occupied by the 6 top officials of the FCT Fire Service

'It is quite sad that an important and big city like Abuja relies on refurbished & dilapidated equipment.' - Dr. Aminu Gamawa who shared the shocking video said.

Watch the video below...

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