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China Tests A Newly-Developed Smart Electric Train Running On Virtual Tracks

In a world of advanced technology and massive engineering, China seems to be at the forefront of making it's nation a point of reference among other nations.

China is test running a train which runs on a virtual train even at low temperature. according to reports, at -20 degrees Celsius! China tests a newly-developed smart electric train running on virtual tracks to see if it can run smoothly in frigid weather.

So what can the new technology do?
Trackless trams are neither a tram nor a bus, though they have rubber wheels and run on streets. The high-speed rail innovations have transformed a bus into something with all the best features of light rail and none of its worst features.

It replaces the noise and emissions of buses with electric traction from batteries recharged at stations in 30 seconds or at the end of the line in 10 minutes. That could just be an electric bus, but the ART is much more than that. It has all the speed (70kph), capacity and ride quality of light rail with its autonomous optical guidance system, train-like bogies with double axles and special hydraulics and tyres.

It can slide into the station with millimetre accuracy and enable smooth disability access. It passed the ride quality test when I saw kids running up and down while it was going at 70kph – you never see this on a bus due to the sway.

The autonomous features mean it is programmed, optically guided with GPS and LIDAR technologies, into moving very precisely along an invisible track. If an accident happens in the right of way a “driver” can override the steering and go around. It can also be driven to a normal bus depot for overnight storage and deep battery recharge.

The standard ART system is three carriages that can carry 300 people, but it can take five carriages and 500 people if needed. In three years of trials, no impact on road surfaces has been found.

See some photos below...

Watch the video below...

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