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Aston Martin Unveils Electric Lagonda All-Terrain Concept At Geneva Motor Show 2019

Aston Martin‘s electric spin-off brand Lagonda has unveiled its all-terrain concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It follows on from the Lagonda Vision Concept four-seater exhibited last year, tailoring the design of this previous model to meet the challenging environment an all-terrain vehicle is capable of reaching.

Unlike the aero-inspired Lagonda vision concept, the Lagonda all-terrain concept takes some of its initial design language from the world of the superyacht. There’s a large rear overhang, which has a clean, curved beltline running across the hatchback panel.

The car has an advanced electric drive train with batteries that are stored low in the floor, allowing the designers to fit rear-hinged back doors that afford easy ingress and egress. Set into the wide clamshell rear hatch, is a thin light strip that hides the source of its illumination. A rear shelf, which slides out from the floor extends when required in order to offer a platform for occupants to perch on.

The interior features an even-handed ambiance spread between all four seats. While there is still the option of rotating the two front seats to face the rear two during autonomous operation, there is a greater expectation that the vehicle will be controlled by the driver during the journeys that it will undertake

There are no vents, grilles or speakers can be seen inside the all-terrain concept. When considering the design, Aston Martin wanted a calm and quiet feel, with soft materials like Cashmere rather than wood and leather. Lagonda wants to use the lines and contours formed by the car’s materials to create a ‘renaissance’ perspective effect that draws passengers’ eyes to the windshield, the side windows, and up through the glass roof.

However, the most unusual feature is the key which floats when it is placed in position, levitating between the front seats. for what reason we are unsure. perhaps it is some effort to appear futuristic.

Set to go on sale in 2022 at a new state of the art facility in St Athan, Wales – Aston Martin Lagonda’s ‘home of electrification’. Aston resurrected the British luxury car marque as a sub-brand driven by zero emission powertrain technologies.

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