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Arrest On Delivery Bikes: Lagos State Government Takes Its Stand

There have been cries from the public over the arrest of motorcycles popularly called Okada in Lagos. The latest one is when the Lagos State Taskforce seized bikes belonging to MaxNG and GOkada. The government received backlash from citizens citing that its policy may crumble business in the state. In a bid to clear the air, the Lagos State Government felt its time to state its position on bikes and its usage across the state.

In a press release obtained by AutoReportNG, the government states in details what road users need to know...

Due to recent complaints about the arrest of delivery bikes, especially around Alausa, we are giving this awareness of the full enforcement of an already existing law.

As shown, the law prohibits motorcycles below 200cc engine capacity from use on bridges and carriage roads with two or more lanes in both directions.

As it concerns motorcycles for mail delivery or courier services, an exemption can be given if the motorcycle:

-  Has a minimum engine capacity of 200cc;
-  Carries a prescribed vehicle number plate and/or identification;
-  Is fitted with a properly fixed mail cabin on its pillion and;
-  Does not carry a passenger.

Please note that a motorcycle for mail distribution or courier services shall not be used as such unless an exemption from route restriction has been granted by the Ministry of Transportation.

The public and service providers are hereby notified.

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