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Wonder of Lagos As Tankers, Trailers Suddenly Disappear On Eko Bridge

To some drivers it is just like a dream, so Lagos roads can be this free? Miracles do happen! Imagine driving from Surulere to Lagos Island in 17mins. Lagos has been groaning in pains for close to 5years all thanks to the tankers who have refused to vacate these roads. From Eko bridge to Ijora to Apapa to Mile 2 to Funsho Williams Ave, Lagosians are caged on these roads, all thanks to these drivers who have made life more difficult for road users.

Last year a presidential directive was issued that they should vacate these axes but little was done, even the Lagos State Government in its part engaged the stakeholders and issue ultimatum but nothing was forthcoming. It got so bad that the Vice-President, Prof Yemi Osibanjo along with the Lagos State Gov, the minister of works and housing and minister of transportation all went towards these areas to see things for themselves but they all compiled for a week and after that, they are back again.

Lagosians were surprised yesterday when suddenly all the tankers and trailers that are occupying Eko Bridge, Funsho Williams Ave, CMS among others suddenly give way. According to reports, for almost 4 years thousands of tankers and trailers parked on Eko Bridge, Apapa- Oshodi Expressway, Ikorodu Road and western avenue. and barely 48 hrs to President Buhari's visit, they've been removed.

So we are AutoReportNG decided to ask these salient questions so that we can use this to learn as this is just a mystery if this feat can be achieved in such an excellent way that no grudges, no strike, no police or task force were involved, so we are asking...

  • Within 48hrs, what has changed?
  • What strategy(ies) was used to achieve this or is it just games as usual?
  • Is the president aware of these tankers that have made the bridges their parking lot?
  • After the president's visit to Lagos, are they still coming back?
  • Who are those that pull these stunts together?
  • Is this the end of tankers and trailers on Lagos roads?
While we watch closely, let's bask in this euphoria the moment brings. These are some few videos we are able to see.

These are some of the images cropped from the videos available...

Watch these videos below...

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