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See The Concept of These Fire Trucks

At a time when African nations are still battling with bad roads and infrastructure, some countries are designing some masterpiece and how their fire-fighting trucks will have a safe landing and a good tracking system.

One of the many designs is Tur. Tur is a modular vehicle concept designed specially to fight the fire. It’s a medium rescue vehicle for the fire department, where each detail is carefully considered to extinguish forest fires. This vehicle can be extended to carry multiple types of equipment necessary to extinguish wildfires, the main unit can tow extra content that is able to carry up to 6000L of water.

Designed by 2Sympleks, Tur Firefighter Concept Vehicle can carry up to four seating firefighters (including the driver) and two standing firefighters at the rear (in an emergency only). At the center of the roof, Tur is equipped with a water hose nozzle to clear its path during the rescue mission.

See more pictures below...

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