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This Carat 187 Superyacht Features “A Red Carpet” Style Stairs

Carat 187 Superyacht has been designed by an international design team who has many experiences in luxury transportation sector. It’s a futuristic superyacht envisioned by Gareth Davies, European Design Director at Technicon Design, this project was designed based on real understanding of the needs of a particular client profile associated to other projects in aviation, supercar, and luxury retail. This project was also inspired by the company’s works for multiple exclusive clients in private aviation sector, this concept superyacht embodies the sense of occasion and exclusivity, which are required to fully engaged clients in superyacht marketplace.

Carat 187 Superyacht by Technicon Design features a dramatic central theme, it offers a real air of majesty with sublime detailing and surface treatment. It’s crucial to create a sensational visual and tactile experience, the design team understood this idea and worked really hard to ensure this project meets the company high standards.

Three words explain Carat 187 Superyacht: Atypical, Exaggerated, and Ultra-luxurious.

This yacht features two dramatic articulated stairs to the rear of the yacht, it was inspired by the “Red Carpet”. There are two tenders that give an impressive silhouette to the yacht, and when these stairs are deployed, it underlines exclusive luxury feeling. In order to evoke different personalities, this yacht is designed with an asymmetrical shell, mixing sculptural shapes on one side and softer, simple surfaces on the other. It’s like having an “introvert” aspect and an “extrovert” aspect in one cool yacht, this strong and unique personality attracts all eyes and doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

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