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See The Upgraded Look of Keke Napep In Cambodia called Tuk-Tuk

Ever wondered what will become the likes of Keke Napep that pile through Nigeria road? Imagine if they are tushed up to meet the world class standard of how an urban vehicle should be?

Well, a company in Cambodia has decided to do a unique tweak to their brand of Keke Napep. According to reports, SmarTuk is a modern version of the conventional Tuk-Tuk that you see when you are in Cambodia. This concept TukTuk aims to make street vending a pleasurable experience for buyers and improve the life of the locals/sellers.

In Cambodia, they called their Keke NAPEP Tuk-Tuk!

SmarTuk offers a concept design that provides a modular, affordable electric TukTuk with a mission to better facilitate mobile selling of foods and goods for Cambodian with low income. This smart and modern concept TukTuk incorporates tracking device that connects to a mobile app, this way, it can provide the location of nearby street vendors for tourists or masses. It’ll also help to regulate any unregulated street vendors in Cambodia.

Designed by Vincent Chan, SmarTuk features a modern design with better functionality that helps to create a better image on the street. No more dirty vehicles moving around the street, polluting environment.

Here are some advantages of SmarTuk design:
  • Modular loading bay for selling different types of goods
  • Improved water resistance as the flood is common in Cambodia
  • A customer can order or locate specific types of goods anytime
  • GPS radio so the vehicle could be tracked real-time
  • Security box features

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