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See How EKEDC Is Endangering Lives Of People At Onikan - Photos

This is McCarthy Street close to National Open University Lagos Island Campus at Onikan! For those who are familiar with this street will recognize these pictures.

The EKEDC transformer is carelessly open and endangering lives of people around this area. Take, for example, there is a mallam that sells provisions, pure water that is just a breath away from this transformer and nothing has been done. What is more alarming is that they drop their goods and wares close to this fuse whereas there is a zonal unit of the EKEDC at Moloney Street which is close to this location and many of its staff passes through this route daily, is it until when one gets electrocuted before we chase these people away?

Another one laying careless is close to Onikan Health Centre, the wall has been broken and the unit is open, same is the one close to Yoruba Tennis Club all within the same street and yet EKEDC has done nothing but to demand money and put people in darkness.

An appeal is made to the Lagos State Govt and also to EKEDC to make sure these places are put in order as we are approaching the rainy season, these places will be a death zone especially for children around these areas.

These are some of the pictures we can take from the death zones.

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