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Lagos-Ibadan Railway: An Eyewitness Account of the Abeokuta Station, Oke Mosan (Photos)

The Lagos-Ibadan Railway is one project that the South Westerners can't wait to see come into actualization. It is a project that cut across three states namely, Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states. The project will help to curtail the traffic and also make life easier for Nigeria. People in Ibadan, Abeokuta can get to Lagos in minutes and return to their home without the hassle and struggle of traffic. The minister of transportation has been following the project like his pet project, according to him, he can't wait to see the vision and the project become a reality.

 Just as the minister for transportation, Mr. Rotimi Ameachi has mandated Nigerians not to "siddon look" and read all news on dailies and social media, he said he has mandated all securities around all construction sites to allow Nigerians to take pictures and verify all constructions across the country.

People seem to be holding him for his word as a man named Otunba Sula has gone to verify the Lagos-Ibadan railway Abeokuta Station at Oke Mosan. According to him, he went to check things for himself and also give a first-hand reportage of the real issue, read his account below...

So I visited this site just this morning (Sunday) and it was busy as usual. The scale of work is awesome and there's huge progress made already.

I wanted to see the work done on the Lagos/Ibadan rail around Abeokuta Station for myself so I paid a visit.

I caught soldier units all around, all I had to do was courtesy & smile at them and they allowed me through.

Apparently, they don't allow just anyone in to not disturb the flow.

It's incredible how they've surmounted the challenge (in little time) of building a tunnel for a rail path under the Abeokuta-Sagamu dual carriage highway.

Not so far from that tunnel is a huge bridge (actively undergoing construction) and an even smaller tunnel.

I'm uncertain what this huge  'machinery thaing' does exactly but I bet it has something to do with laying rail tracks (perhaps specifically over bridges). I've seen a smaller one along this same rail path over the old Abk/Ibd express road.

And here comes the tracks.. It's a long way down... My unprofessional phone camera could only try.

I must have walked no less than 2 kilometers along the rail path from the highway.

It is commonplace for Ogun indigenes to ask "we once produced a president, what did he do to better our state?"

In all previous 16 years of the PDP at the center with 'no' show. Here is finally glaring evidence of massive and direly needed infrastructure.

And to the lot who keep asking "What has Buhari done for you personally?" Its a selfish ask but I finally have an answer for you.

The Ebute Metta & Abeokuta rail stations are only 5 minutes drive away from my homes.

I can't wait to get railing away from Lagos whenever I wanna

These pictures were earlier captured by @Olatyculus when he visited the site in December...

More of the pictures here...

@OtunbaSula @olatyculus

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