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The Fundamentals of Planning a Budget Miami Vacation

Enjoying the beach view from a luxury penthouse and soaring high with Miami helicopter charter flights are some of the main attractions of Miami. Miami is all about the VIP nightclubs, luxury hotels, and flashy rides. The glitz and glam of Miami might seem too expensive for your budget. You do not have to break the bank to enjoy your Miami holiday if you plan your holiday well in advance.

Perfect Timing
From December to May Miami is highly crowded. During these months the hotels and shops mark up their prices. It is best to avoid the high season if you want to have a budget vacation. July to November is the Hurricane Season. Going to Miami between July to November can be a gamble. June to July is the ideal time for your trip to Miami. It might rain a little in the mornings but go prepared for the rains and enjoy the low season prices.

Getting to Miami
Getting to Miami by flight can be made affordable if you travel smart. Flights during low season are usually low priced. Use websites like Skyscanner to get the best prices on airfare. Another way you can reduce your airfare is by not carrying any check-in baggage. Flying without check-in baggage can reduce your airfare. If you are closer to Miami, then you can ditch the flight and take a bus to Miami as well.

Inexpensive Lodging
There are various kinds of lodging you can find in Miami. Hostels, hotels, motels, resorts, and homestays are some of the kinds of accommodation you can find in Miami. Depending on your budget you can choose the kind of accommodation. While you may think that booking a room at a resort might be too much to afford, during low season you might find a basic room at a resort well within your budget. So, check out all booking websites that offer competitive prices for rooms in Miami. Booking your hotel room well in advance can help you snatch the cheap deals on luxury hotel rooms.
Travel Smart
When you reach Miami, you need to find means of getting from one place to another. Taking a taxi every time or renting a car might become quite expensive. While the affluent choose Miami helicopter charter flights to get around, you do not have to do the same to get around. You can simply walk around the South beach or rent a bike. The bus service in Miami also makes commuting and sightseeing in Miami cheap.

Drink Up
Drinking at a bar or nightclub can become very expensive. It is better to have a few pre-party or post-party drinks at your hotel to get your buzz. Keep your Miami nightlife going by drinking smart.

Find Affordable Activities

The cheapest activity that you can enjoy in Miami is sunbathing. But if the sun gets too hot, you can take a walk around the south beach to enjoy the architecture. Get on a bus and enjoy the sights along the route. There are many theme parks and zoos where you can also spend your day. You can even get a taste of luxury by taking one of the short and affordable Miami helicopter charter flights that can take you over the beaches.

A well-planned holiday can let you enjoy the luxurious side of Miami affordably.

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