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See The One-Person Operated Stretcher for Faster Rescue Operation

When we are still battling with some basic amenities like health and infrastructure in Nigeria, some countries are already planning in making life easy for their citizens. Due to the emergency nature of health, accidents, and traffic on the highway, a company has come up with a stretcher idea that can save lives without waiting for an ambulance.

Just One is a concept one-person operated stretcher. Unlike those conventional stretchers, Just One can easily be operated by one person, once the victim is strapped to it, a rescuer can lift and wheel it away with a little effort. Even when a rescuer needs a little break, they can simply put it down and pick it up again quick and easy. This concept stretcher is hoped to speed up any rescue operation.

Designed by Guo Xin, Qiu Qi, and Wang Ning, Just One concept stretcher can be transformed into a recliner seat when rested. This mechanism allows for a comfortable position for someone who is wounded. This stretcher is also equipped with a stand to facilitate blood transfusions or IV drips.

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