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Is This True of Kaiama-Ilorin Road, Kwara State?

Sometimes looking at the suffering of what the people go through in this country, one can't but shed some tears as the people deserve better than what they are getting. Money allocated for roads are either mismanaged, embezzled or better still misappropriated. The Elites Network took to the micro-blogging site to release these damning pictures of Kaiama-Ilorin road, in Kwara State.

According to the group, the community members in Kaiama said money for this road has been approved but it seems money has changed hands or whatever the case.

The spokesperson of Kwara State Govt, Dr. Femi Kayode has confirmed the receipt of 614 million naira from the Federal Government as a refund on Kaiama road. The question(s) on our lips is where did this money go to, why are they yet to start work on this road despite the 614 million naira? Who are those involved in the contract of this road and lots more.

Kwara State is governed by Mr. Abdulfatai Ahmed and its a country home to both the Senate president, Sen Bukola Saraki and also minister for culture and communications, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

These are some heartbreaking pictures of the Kaiama-Ilorin Road, Kwara State.

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