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Guess Where This Batmobile Was Spotted

In the words of a popular comic act, Kenny Black, when you are big, you are big. The big boys of Dubai having gotten all the latest cars in the world decided to take a delve into another realm entirely which is the Batmobile.

The BatMobile used to be an anime icon, for those who are used to Batman cartoon series then this car won't be strange to you. But it seems the Batmobile has gone from being a comic character into a reality. According to Mashable, It would cost $682 million for a real-life Batman to fund his world-saving lifestyle, thanks to the price of high-tech cars, gadgets, his mansion and training, a new infographic says. It was estimated that the Batmobile will cost about $1-3 million to create.

The BatMobile was seen on Dubai roads over the weekend and we can't but marvel at the beast on the highway. Imagine if this was seen in Lagos. LASTMA, Police, VIO go hear am na.

See more pictures below...

Watch the video below...

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