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B Drone: Earthquake Disaster Rescue System Drone to Speed Up Search and Rescue Task

When an earthquake strikes, the rescue team races with time to find and rescue isolated survivors. The first 72 hours are critical after an earthquake, it’s called “golden hours” where the chance of finding survivors is at best. That’s why it’s so essential to make proper plans for emergency response activities, especially the process of search, rescue, and relief.

B Drone is a concept earthquake disaster rescue system drone designed specially to help rescue workers do their tasks easier. In the process of searching for survivors, emergency workers also risk their lives, they can be injured and even died. Inspired by that hero act, this drone has been designed to minimize the risk, it works by navigating around the collapsed structure to find isolated survivors within 72 hours.

B Drone concept by Jeong Hwan Sohn uses the principle of “Drone in Drone”. It’s a mothership drone with four drones that are small enough to fly through small gaps between collapsed buildings. This UAV would help search more survivors in golden time while increasing the safety of rescue workers. This drone is designed and developed with 3D printed parts, making it easy and affordable for mass production. All damaged parts can also be reproduced using a 3D printer.

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