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Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC Is The Car For The Future - Photos

Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC is a revolutionary mobility concept for the future, it is designed way beyond just an autonomous car. This concept vehicle eliminates the need to separate between people moving and goods transport, it can be enabled on-demand, making it sustainable and efficient vehicle platform for both people and goods movement. This system helps to reduce traffic flows to relieve inner-city infra-structures, it contributes to improving the quality of urban life. This project aims to address future urban challenges with more people that also lead to crowded streets. Based on self-driving and electrically powered chassis, this concept wants to take a different approach through switchable body feature.

Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC concept can accommodate up to twelve passengers in ride-sharing mode, while the cargo module can carry up to ten EPAL pallets. That load space of 3.7-meter long is enough to fit a total vehicle length of 5.14-meter. The system of this concept also incorporates an IT infrastructure that analyses in real time the supply and demand within a defined area. The result can be used by a self-driving fleet to plan routes more flexible and efficient on the basis of current transportation needs. That’s why Vision URBANETIC is a groundbreaking concept transportation for future urban mobility.

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