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INFINITI Katana Concept Car Aims to Make Passengers Feel a Sense of Calm and Enjoy Outside World

As its name suggests, Infiniti Katana concept car was inspired by many Japanese cultures, from its exterior body to the interior.

In today’s fast-paced and turbulent society, it is the calm and especially time that embodies the ultimate luxury. The intention should, therefore, be to offer the customer more time in the vehicle. The perceived time depends on the number of sensory impressions you perceive in a given time interval. It is therefore desirable to minimize the sensory impressions of the outside world for the passenger. Since the Infiniti Katana concept car is an autonomous vehicle and the driver does not need to monitor the road, it would be obvious to close all direct viewing areas.

However, in order not to isolate the occupants completely from the outside world, but rather to emphasize the beauty of nature, a large glass surface is situated in the center of the vehicle, which releases the view only to the sky. You know the calming and decelerating feeling of sitting in the back of a vehicle and watching the clouds pass by just through the roof window.

At the core of the INFINITI Katana concept car by Frederic Allenberg is the focus on the peculiarity of Japanese aesthetics, which has not been seen in other car designs so far, namely the emotional minimalism. It is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. The core element is the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. In the figurative sense, it means that a well-formed, simple sculpture only becomes really interesting and attractive when it is broken by irregularities.

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