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Car Designer, Bin Sun Outlines An Electric Concept Car Project

Bin Sun, a transportation designer, has designed a vehicle with an intention to build an emotional connection between rider and their electric car. You can read his explanation below.

In the age of electrification, do we still need to keep the structure we have built for gasoline vehicles? How can we visualize the electrification on the design of the car? What may be the new identity feature if there is no grill in the front?

I try to find a new aesthetics for electric vehicles by a balance between automotive aesthetics and product design language and new identity features that can remind people the change of electrification. I did some surface experiments in Photoshop which I found that if I just played with flowing on surfaces I might easily get something too automotive feeling. However, if I started to add graphics and make these graphics have some connection with the surfaces I got something between the automotive aesthetics and product design language that I call it as graphics control form language.

I try to make all the surfaces go into graphics and the graphics look like are controlling the surfaces. And there is a functional reason after each graphic so that to reveal the electrification changes. I try to move the air intake next to the electric motors as they will be set next to wheels instead of keeping a front grill graphic, which can potentially be a new identity feature as well.

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