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See The World's Cutest Bullet Train Unveiled in Japan

There are two things that will never get old in Japan. Hello Kitty -- Sanrio's adorable mouthless character -- and bullet trains. And now they're coming together.

Japan's Shinkansen train operator, West Japan Railway Co. Ltd announced it will launch a Hello Kitty-themed Shinkansen bullet train on June 30.

Aimed at revitalizing regional communities in western Japan, the trains will make stops at each station between Shin-Osaka and Hakata -- ward in Fukuoka city in western Japan's Fukuoka prefecture.

The company will revamp two 500 series Shinkansen bullet trains, coating them in Hello Kitty designs. The livery will be decorated in pink ribbons and Hello Kitty's signature bow -- a design meant to represent the campaign's goal of connecting travelers with destinations in the regions.

Two of the cars will be transformed into Hello Kitty worlds, featuring excessive and adorable kitty motifs.

The floor, windows, headrests and armrests of Car 2 -- named Kawaii! Room -- will be a passenger car covered in motifs from Hello Kitty and Friends. 

There will also be a photo booth -- featuring a Hello Kitty doll in Shinkansen uniform -- for all your Instagram needs.

Instead of the usual Shinkansen jingle, the train will ring the original Hello Kitty theme tune as it approaches the stations.

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