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DIY: Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

You get to realize your car’s air conditioner's worth when you have to go out in the scorching summer heat. It provides the driver and the passengers a soothing environment while driving. With the wear and tear that your vehicles go through every day, it is common to have problems in the air-conditioner. Fortunately, you can fix the regular air conditioner problems by yourself rather than paying a hefty amount at the mechanic’s shop.

Troubleshooting your car’s A/c is easy but a time-consuming job. Whether you have a salon or a hatchback, we have got all you need to know when your car air conditioner is not cooling.

Common Air-Conditioner Problems And Simple Solutions
Before you begin, make sure that your car is switched on, with the engine running, and the parking brake applied. It will ensure your safety.
  • How Is The Air?
There can be many reasons for automotive air-conditioner not providing cool air. But some of the most usual causes are:

1. Low refrigerant level--(refrigerant is the blood of your air-conditioner)

2. Clogged condenser--( clogged condenser restrict the flow of coolant)

3. Damaged compressor or defective clutch.

Replacing the entire damaged compressor is more effective than repairing it. You can purchase a new compressor from online auto parts selling stores like AUTODOC.ee and alike.
  • Do you hear a squeal?
The dying compressor usually screams due to the loose compressor belt. This loose belt slips on the compressor pulley and produces a loud noise. 

The easiest fix when it comes to removing the noises from your car’s air-conditioner, you have to tighten the bolt and adjust belt fully on the compressor’s pulley. Some vehicles require the clutch and the compressor to be changed at the same time.
  • Does your car smell musty? 
The surge of fungus and bacteria on your coil’s evaporator causes a funky smell that irritates you when you first turn on your car’s a/c.

You can get rid of the musty smell by doing an anti-bacterial treatment of your automobile. Spray special anti-bacterial spray on the car filters once a month to kill bacteria and remove odor.
  •  Is the A/C system leaking? 
Humid, hazy and hot weather are the common causes of fluid leaking from a car in the passenger compartment. It is irritating and can cause anguish to the car owners.

The temporary fix for dripping water problem is blowing compressed air into the clog drain tube. You have to visit the technician to solve the problem permanently.

If you suspect you have low refrigerant, then it might be due to a leak in the gasket. You could fix the leak or replace the head gasket. Adding coolant without fixing the hole will make you face the same problem again.

A blocked condenser can be cleaned off by a good quality flushing agent or by the engine cleaner.
Replace the condenser if it has been using for years or giving frequent problems.

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