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Ambode or Wike, Who best can be called Mr. Project?

Nigeria is blessed with amazing natural resources this ranges from our well-fertilised land to oil to human resources, the list is endless. Nigerians are a force to reckon anywhere we go from Iceland to Australia to Japan to even deadly Libya, we always stand out this is because of our tenacity, our ability to turn a lime into lemonade. Nigeria has always had its fair share when it comes to bad leadership and this is evident in all states as we have leaders who get to power through the help of god-father and when they are made, they tried as much as possible to loot the treasury blind. There have been changes in the way governors think recently and out of these governors, only 2 have stood out based on the way they turn things around. Our picks are Gov. Wike of Rivers State and Gov. Ambode of Lagos state. Gov Wike can best be described as Mr Project as he is always commissioning projects at times I wonder where he got the money to execute all these projects from...

Gov. Ambode has been a darling as Nigerians from all walks always wish they had him as their state gov. We will share some of their various projects and then we will throw the teaser, which among these govs can you say is the Mr. Project? Both have performed excellently in roads, transport, infrastructure and the list goes on.

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