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Why Do Fuel Stations Charge For Kegs?

"Now and again, I ponder in the case of being a Nigerian is a wrongdoing. We are not given power, which ought to be the significant need and commitment of any genuine government to its subjects. When we try to give same to ourselves, we are surcharged for doing that. What is our wrongdoing in this nation?" Those were the questions on my mind as  I leave a filling station angrily for being charged for bringing a keg to a filling station.

I am sure many people have asked this question all over again, why all these petrol attendants dey charge for kegs or gallons. I have asked this timeless and no answer is forthcoming as it seems to be a norm in all petrol stations in Lagos, it is as if they are taking their own tithe or should I say tax from your fuel, imagine buying a fuel of 1,000 naira and you end up getting 950 naira the 50 naira is the money for bringing keg to the filling station. I once asked a manager of a station one day why this and he smiled and said "You need to encourage the boys, those changes are morale booster for them". This, unfortunately, has become a trend and the order of the day by petrol stations’ attendants across the state.

The most annoying thing is that this charge does not apply to people who go to the filling stations in their cars to buy the product. As long as you walk into the station with a keg to buy fuel you are bound to be surcharged and that's why the question, why the charges and what can we do to curtail this theft that has eaten deep into the system

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