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Renault’s EZ-GO Robot Taxi Is The Most Socially Responsible Concept In Geneva

When you think of concept cars, the inevitable images that come to mind are of exaggerated designs, impractical proportions, and profoundly self-indulgent experiences. Concepts are — usually — intended to titillate our most selfish desires. Except for Renault, a company that prides itself on making cars suitable for all tastes and budgets, has come to the Geneva Motor Show with something altogether different: a robot taxi.

The autonomous EZ-GO concept car that Renault has brought to Geneva accommodates six people and is essentially a driverless UberPool vehicle. You invoke one via either a mobile app or a roadside station, and it comes along to sweep you off your feet and into a spacious and airy interior. It can be booked by individuals or groups, and if Renault’s vision comes to fruition, it will function as a new form of public transport for densely populated cities. Instead of jumping on a fixed-route bus or a less affordable taxi, you can send your ride request to Renault and the company’s EZ-GO car will integrate you into its existing route in the most efficient way relative to its other passengers.


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