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Okada or Keke Napep, Which one scares you most?

While we are basking in the europhia that Lagos is free from the hands of the deadly Okada riders, those guys can maneuver anywhere, God bless you that your rider is an aboki guy, you just have to be reciting Psalm 23 till when you reach your final destination. Okada riders have been caused by several accidents whereby many have lost their legs, many have turned Igbobi hospital to home all thanks to these Okada riders, it was a breath of fresh when the former governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola banned all the activities of Okada on Lagos highway, though they have their advantage in as much as they make your journey faster but as the elders say, "Its only the living that book appointment". Having ban the activities of the Okada riders, the government decided to replace them with the Keke Napep but with a warning that they are not allowed to ride on 3rd Mainland bridge due to their lightweight.

Keke Napep has brought lots of inspiration to many individuals as we have seen cases where couples now use it as their wedding car instead of the car, some use it for photo shoots and lots more.

Ever since the kekes come into place Lagos has never been the same again at times you wonder the kind of spirit that lives inside the drivers, they find it so difficult to obey the traffic rules, they are always in hurry and drive as in they are under the influence of demons or alcohol, we have seen cases where deaf and dumb operate keke Napep in Lagos (imagine a case where a car or trailer lost control and it is hooting to alert the drivers to give you, na die be that o). It is on this note we decided to ask, Keke Napep or Okada which one scares you the most and which one serves you better.

Let's hear from you.

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