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Lady Dumps Boyfriend After Discovering His Porsche Cayenne is Actually China-Made

Just recently, a young lady met a guy at a social gathering and it was love at first sight – after she saw his Porsche Cayenne. Within two weeks, the lady had reportedly slept with the guy. However, it was later discovered that the Porsche Cayenne is not actually a genuine Porsche, but a knock-off version.

According to ET Today, the lady was attracted by the guy’s personality and his luxurious sports utility vehicle (SUV). The latest market price of a Porsche Cayenne could cost anywhere between $61,000 and $80,000, depending on the specs. Despite owning such an expensive car, the guy seemed down-to-earth and humble.

He wore shirts purchased from Taobao, which cost about 100 Yuan that's about 5700 naira and he only visited regular food stalls when they were on dates, the lady said. “In my opinion, it’s rare to see a rich guy who is so humble like him. I started to develop feelings for him,” she said.

Their relationship soon bloomed and within two weeks, the lady had slept with the guy for 17 times! Everything was going well for the couple and she would always update her friends with pictures. Not sure if she’s trying to show off or what… One day, she sent pictures of her boyfriend’s Porsche Cayenne to her friends in their group chat and was shockingly told that the car wasn’t a Porsche Cayenne.

In fact, it was apparently a China-made car that has a remarkably similar resemblance to the luxury German SUV. “My friend’s boyfriend used to own a Cayenne, and he said this isn’t a Porsche,” the lady said. Here’s her boyfriend’s ‘Porsche Cayenne’…

Startled by this new-found fact, she couldn’t digest it and even argued that there were Porsche logos all over the car. Her friend then enlightened her, explaining that those logos can actually be bought on Taobao, and that her boyfriend’s car is actually a Zotye SR9, which costs between 100,000 Yuan and 150,000 Yuan (5.7million -8.5million naira)

Clearly the lady didn’t pay attention to the letters on the logos either, because it was written ‘Zhongtai’, instead of ‘Porsche’ on them.

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