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Hyundai Motor Unveils Future Design Direction At Geneva Motor Show

Dubbed ‘Le Fil Rouge’, Hyundai Motor’s new design concept opens a new era for the South Korean automaker's direction with a sensuous sportiness theme. Proportion, architecture, styling, and technology are harmonized while creating a distinctive and unique look and feel for the company’s vehicles. As its name implies, ‘Le Fil Rouge’ (English translation: common thread) is a reflection of its belief that the brand’s past, present and future designs are all connected.

Hyundai’s ‘Le Fil Rouge’ creates a proportional character based on the golden-ratio – a common mathematical ratio found in nature – which enabled the designers to create an aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking composition that embodies charisma. Proportional uniqueness is achieved through a long wheelbase, large wheels, and short overhangs. A respectful dash-to-axle – the distance from front wheel center to the base of windshield – provides a comfortable driving position, whilst a higher beltline completes the overall look.

With the concept car, Hyundai took a new approach called ‘light architecture’, to integrate a progressive identity into the brand’s design heritage. Light architecture generates a dynamic look and forwards motion effect for the vehicle. The front and the rear pillars, as well as the roof, are seamlessly blended into the overarching silhouette of the car – as though the car is drawn with a single line. The exterior and interior are smoothly merged by the ‘tube architecture’, keeping the exterior’s sensuous and sporty character consistent inside the vehicle. The tube architecture’s principle is to create the same emotional value inside and outside the vehicle, while also allowing for a lightweight profile.

The interior design differentiates between the needs of both the driver and passengers. The front passenger seat maximizes comfort even on long-distance trips with more ample leg room, while the driver’s seat is designed to add to the fun of driving with optimized ergonomics. a wrap-around architecture emphasizes depth, creating a calm, spacious and comfortable travel environment for everyone in the car.

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