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Goodyear’s Oxygene Concept Tire to Improve Air Quality

The future of mobility is electric, but Goodyear wants to enhance that further through their latest concept tire, Goodyear’s Oxygene. Introduced at 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, this futuristic concept tire offers a visionary solution for cleaner, safer, and sustainable urban mobility. The unique structure of this tire features living moss growing within the sidewall. The tire’s smart tread design and its open structure absorb and circulate moisture and water from road surface. The photosynthesis process can happen from that system, thus, allowing for oxygen to be released into the air.

Using the principles of circular economy, Goodyear’s Oxygene concept tire is designed with focuses on reducing material waste, emissions, and energy loss. This concept tire would integrate seamlessly into future cityscapes through its special features and performance solutions.

It’s a concept tire that would clean the air we breathe. It is developed with 3D-printed of rubber powder from recycled tires. The lightweight and shock-absorbing structure allows for long-lasting, puncture-free solution. Aside from cleaning the air, this tire also generates its own electricity that is generated during photosynthesis, it can power any embedded electronics such as AI processing unit, onboard sensors, light strip, and many more.

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