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For Wrong Parking And Invalid License, Police Crushed A 102 Million Naira Ferrari Car

This is the moment a wealthy businessman’s £200,000 which is about (#102million) Ferrari is crushed after being seized by police.

Zahid Khan, 31, saw the supercar confiscated after he was stopped by West Midlands Police officers on April 5 last year.

Months earlier the millionaire businessman had parked the Ferrari 458 Spider on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court and posed for pictures.

Mr. Khan said police had said they stopped him because they suspected the car was stolen.

But he said he had legitimately bought the car at auction, via a middleman, and had spent “a lot of time and money’’ on the vehicle.

West Midlands Police later stated the Ferrari was crushed because it had no valid insurance and was a Category B vehicle - which are officially classed as unroadworthy, meaning the shell has to be destroyed.

The question on our mouth is that can this happen in Nigeria? Which government agency can dare to crush it? Let's have your say.

Watch the video below..

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