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Curbing the menace of tanker drivers in Lagos state

AutoReportNG was in Ojuelegba 2 days ago and we can't but express total dismay when we see how tanker drivers have turned what used to be a beautiful city in their carpark. The road was divided into two, the tankers parked at one end and the other space was for cars, buses etc. The went as far as from Ojuelegba to Stadium to Iponri all the way to Brewery, Brewery was worse as you will have to contend with Nigeria Brewery truck owners who lifts drinks to all parts of the country and from the brewery, the queue span to the bridge leading into Ijora and the case is endless. The question on our mind is that does it mean that the Lagos State Govt can not control these tankers drivers? Does it mean the tanker drivers are scare cows that can park anywhere not minding the risk involve especially on the bridge? These guys have caused lots of hardship and accident to many unsuspecting drivers in the state. During the times of Babatunde Fashola, there is decorum as things were not as bad as this but this time, it seems they have escalated and grown out of proportion. A call to the Lagos state government to act on.

These are some of the pictures we can take as we move from one place to another

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