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A Visit To Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Plant And How Work Is Being Done

TechPoint recently visited Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing(IVM) in Anambra State, it is been reported that Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing(IVM) is Nigeria’s premier vehicle manufacturing company and wants to eradicate tokunbo cars from Africa’s most populous country and the continent as a whole.

The team was received on arrival by Mr. Nnamdi Onusogu, GM, Innoson Group.

According to TechPoint.ng, the tour is a reflection to show how Innoson manufactures the cars from the welding to the smoothing, the dipping of Astro Coat and how it goes to the oven and how it goes to the painting booth among others.

According to TechPoint...

Here, all parts and accessories are intact and in perfect working condition before they’re mounted on the vehicles. This department is basically the quality control of engines.

From the engine department, the car is outfitted with air conditioning systems and then moved to quality control(QC).

I asked Ekene how long all these processes took on an average. He did not know.

It is usually not possible to calculate the time expended on a particular car as efforts are spread and dependent on a lot of factors. We produce on average 10 small buses every day so there’s no way to say exactly what time it will take to move through this process.

How are bigger vehicles — like the IVM 6601, IVM 6857 and IVM 6800 — made?

Ekene said except for a few variations in the process, all the other steps are the same. For bigger cars, materials are already pre-treated with Astro Coat as they cannot fit whole into the dipping vat.

Painting booths are also bigger for big buses.

For bigger vehicles, carcass and chassis are dropped with an overhead crane and assembled atop a mechanics pit to access engine area.

Vehicles like the IVM Jeeps that their chassis are together with the body are moved through a conveyor on top of the production line so workers can access underneath to fix parts and necessary fittings onto the chassis.

Innoson has come under many attacks and court litigation with its bank GTBank lat last year.

These are some of the pictures detailing plant and how work is been done in the factory.

Credit: TechPoint.NG


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