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The Italdesign Zerouno Roadster to Be Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

Italdesign’s ‘Zerouno’ supercar will be available in a convertible variant after the design house sold all five examples of its coupé model. The design has been revealed ahead of its 2018 Geneva Motor Show unveiling, while the company has revealed little on specification details, including the convertible’s name.

Aerodynamics and lightweight construction are major themes in Italdesign’s first supercar. the body features a prominent front splitter, louvers over the wheel arche, side-mounted fins and a racing-style rear spoiler that delivers racing car performance. this works alongside with a large underbody diffuser that fine-tunes the car’s high-speed aerodynamics. The supercar makes use of the same 5.2 liter V10 petrol engine included in the prestige models of the AUDI ‘R8’. the 0-62 mph acceleration time will be just 3.2 s and the top speed is estimated at 205 mph.

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