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TBS BRT Bus Terminus: Is This The Best Bus Station In Nigeria?

March 2017, The Lagos State Government commissioned the nearly and upgraded TBS BRT Bus Terminus for public use. The terminus can best be described as world class as it has all the facilities to make your waiting a fun and relaxing one. The roofs were made of trampolines and also there was sound system to make sure there is dull moment, the best part of the terminus is that the place is always neat as the cleaners were always on standby to make sure that the place is tidy. The terminus share boundaries with Muson center, Victoria Island and also Awolowo Road. AutoReportNG embarked on a sightseeing adventure last weekend and what we see is quite impressive, there is still hope in this country after all. Based on the architectural structure, the design and how tidy the place is, we can boldly say that this is the best bus station in Nigeria if you have any contrary opinion, we are willing to learn from you.

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