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See The Futuristic Bell Helicopter Air Taxi Cabin Offers Fully Integrated User Experience

Bell Helicopter presents you, futuristic air taxi cabin design that features fully integrated user experience. This is a four-passenger cabin, a future vision from Bell Helicopter about an on-demand mobility aircraft that focuses on user experience tailored to an urban air taxi ride. This futuristic project aims to challenge the limit of vertical flight, it wants to break the limit of aviation technology to solve real-world problems. This is the future of urban air taxi and it is closer than you think.

Bell’s air taxi cabin reveals the luxurious and expertly crafted interior, it is based on years of customer insight and attention to detail. Passengers would enjoy a fully integrated user experience control center while riding, they still can catch up on world news, share documents with others, hold a video conference, or just simply unplug from noise world and just relax.

Futuristic Air Taxi from Bell Helicopter is actually not a new concept. Transportation has been moving people from one place to another, but this time, Bell Helicopter wants to bring their laser-focused attention to the passenger experience. This air taxi design would focus on passenger safety and its reliability to provide transportation services.

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