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Fact or Myth: Can Cellphone Cause Explosion At A Filling Station?

Whenever someone visits a petrol station for the fueling of their vehicle, they often encounter the signboard warning against the use of cell phone. Such prohibition signs are actually put up by the officials of the petrol station, as they believe that cell phones can cause the explosion. However, the researchers have not assured the occurrence of any such event due to the mobile phones. In order to figure it out, let’s delve deeper into the theory explaining the repercussion of using a cell phone while pumping petrol.

Can Cell Phones Cause Explosion?

In order to understand this, it is essential to first look into the working and manufacturing of the cell phone. So, what exactly is this small device?

Basically, the cell phone is a device, which consists of countless electric components, responsible for communicating with network towers. Although there are no wires in-between still there is a two-way communication that takes place through the electromagnetic waves. These waves actually travel within a certain radio frequency, which lets the making and receiving of calls possible. And, it is these waves, which can cause the spark and ignite the petrol at the station.

However, as far any experiment is concerned, there is no proof of the cell phones causing the fire at the petrol station. This is because mobile phones do not have the sufficient battery-voltage that can lead to the fire at any petrol pump. Even if it happens then, it is concluded that the defective batteries of the vehicle or the mobile phone can be the reason behind it.

Static Electricity: The Real Culprit

Using cell phone while pumping petrol may not ignite fire but the static electricity can. This electricity is, in fact, enough even in the small amount to ignite the petrol vapors.

Usually, people are careful while filling up the petrol in their vehicle, as it is quite expensive. However, the vapors of this fuel still surround the nozzle of the pump, even when not in use. Once these vapors are ignited, it can cause this ignition to travel where the petrol is present in large amount. And, the very next minute it can cause a big boom at the petrol station.

In this regard, some experts stated that whenever an individual moves in and out of the car during re-fuelling of his vehicle, he actually carries the charge of approximately 60,000 volts. Therefore, it is wise enough to leave the cell phone in the vehicle while going for its petrol filling.

After gaining the industry knowledge that using a cell phone while pumping petrol won’t burst into flames. Still, it is a good idea to leave this device in the car, keeping in mind the surroundings and the other vehicles at the petrol station.

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