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Children's Hospital Unveils Mini-Cars for Patients to Ride to Surgery

Give a child something to play with and he will forget his pains, children are an amazing and wonderful bundle of joy God has given us and so, therefore, they are unique, but when they in pains or in agony, we can't but feel emotional for these little ones. A children's hospital in California decided to add a twist to make life easier and more fun for kids and I was wondering, what if we have this type of treatment in Massey Hospital in Lagos.

A children’s hospital in California has unveiled a special feature to put its young patients at ease as they head into the operating room.

Children at the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego can now “drive” themselves to their procedures in luxury mini-cars.

The fancy sets of wheels, which are actually operated by a nurse or doctor, are part of a new program designed to relax children before their operations.

“We’re so excited,” said Dr. Daniela Carvalho, the hospital's medical director of surgical services.

“Just the fact that... we’re able to help our children and their families in the operating room relax a little bit more, and actually have fun when they’re going to the operating room, is just tremendous.”

Children can choose from a miniature BMW, Mercedes or Lamborghini, which were donated by the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Teddy Bear Drive.

So far, the cars have been a big hit, Carvalho said.

“The kids are having fun, the parents are seeing that they’re relaxed and that they’re happy, but for us — I mean, we’re driving the cars, we’re having fun, too, of course,” she said.

Other hospitals have also made similar upgrades to their modes of transportation to take their young patients’ minds off things.

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