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L5e Electric Light Vehicle for EU-LIVE Project

L5e is all electric light vehicle designed and developed by PSA Group for an EU-LIVE project. This project wants to offer electrified mobility solution, a three-wheeled vehicle that is able to reach a speed of more than 50kph on any road. EU-LIVE stands for Efficient Urban LIght Vehicle, it’s a project that brings together 12 partners from 6 countries (but only Groupe PSA that is a car maker). This concept vehicle is based on an architecture of a tricycle, it’s been adapted for urban trips with zero-emission mode for city driving.

This hybrid vehicle would be permitted on all roads with a maximum speed of 130kph in petrol motor and run in zero emission mode up to 70kph. Featuring modular in-wheel powertrain that can be used on a variety of L-category vehicles, this is one of the main focuses of the EU-LIVE project. There’s a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle powertrain located between two-wheel and four-wheel segments, two electric in-wheel motors and a petrol internal combustion engine.

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