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Infiniti presents the Q inspiration concept, you will love it!

Infiniti presents the ‘Q inspiration’ concept at the 2018 North American International Auto Show proposes how an innovative VC-turbo powertrain, autonomous drive technologies, and a unique human-centric interior could enrich the experience for drivers of luxury sedans.

The exterior of the Infiniti ‘Q inspiration concept’ features a concise design with dynamic and confident proportions. It is the first manifestation of the Japanese automaker's form language, for an era of advanced powertrains. The front of the car is dominated by a large double-arch grille and is matched with sharp louvers running up the sides of the hood, and blade-like vents fore and aft of the wheels. The Japanese automaker's human-eye headlamps have evolved to accommodate precise LED strip headlamps. Extending rearward from the slashes on the bonnet, precise shoulder lines blend into the smoother bodywork of the mid-section of the concept, across the car’s pillarless rear-hinged doors. The shoulder reappears toward the rear of the car, exhibiting a sensual, curved quarter and wheel arches, accompanied by a graceful, arcing roofline flowing into the rear deck.

The concept combines classical Sedan forms with coupé-like proportions and an elongated silhouette, demonstrating Infiniti's design vision for this car segment. The cabin follows a minimalist approach, enveloping the driver and passengers in a serene and comfortable environment. The intelligently-packaged four-cylinder VC-Turbo liberated the design team from the constraints of powertrain architecture to realize a spacious interior.

The VC-Turbo represents a breakthrough in combustion engine design. The ‘Q inspiration’s’ engine continually transforms, adjusting its compression ratio to optimize power and fuel efficiency. It combines the power of a larger V6 gasoline engine with the torque and efficiency of an advanced four-cylinder diesel engine. It can change its compression ratio seamlessly with an advanced multi-link system, continuously raising or lowering the Pistons’ reach to transform compression ratio – offering both power and efficiency, as the driver demands.

The dashboard is trimmed in carefully treated Kabazakura wood, with an authentic, highly tactile matte finish whose grain is still detectable to the touch, thanks to a delicate application of clear-coat protection.


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