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Cleaner Lagos or Cleaner Nonsense? The New Face of Lagos (Photos)

Last year, the Lagos state governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode sacked all PSP operators from operating and been in charge of refuse collection in the state, a new firm was assigned to take charge named VisionScape, but it seems this firm knows little or maybe they are too foreign to how things were been run in the state. In less than a year, Lagos state is going from bad to worse in terms of dirts and refuse, this is not the Lagos Fashola left behind as Lagos was very clean then. These are some of the pictures showing the dirty nature of the state from Lagos Island, Tinubu, Itire, Okoko and many more. These are reflections that VisionScape firm is not working according to the task. The question, therefore, is why sack a working unit and replace them with a firm that has no working experience in the country before? Well, these are some visuals we can get from the social media, streets and on Twitter.. Enjoy

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