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PEUGEOT and BENETEAU present the Sea Drive Concept Boat

Sea Drive Concept Boat is the result of cooperation between Peugeot and BENETEAU. It’s built around the iconic and successful Peugeot i-Cockpit, this time, this highly functional and ergonomic control panel will be connected to Ship Control Technology developed by BENETEAU. What you get is the best combination of both worlds, a beautiful boat with the next generation steering station.

The characteristics of i-Cockpit are highly visible at first glance, it offers you compact steering wheel just like cars. also, just like most recent Peugeot vehicles, the compact size makes it easy and agiler to handle. There’s a large 17-inch touchscreen display for immediate access to the boat’s electronic functions. The folding panel displays essential navigational information, there are toggle switches on either side of the wheel to give the captain direct access to main functions.

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