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Lexus LF-1 Limitless: A striking new crossover concept that redefines the boundaries of luxury

For more than two decades, the Lexus LX has been the automaker’s most premium SUV option within the automaker’s lineup. The LX was partly based on the Toyota Land Cruiser and is a three-row SUV that has a starting price of $89,880 (31.4 million naira). Any serious fan of luxury SUVs would want to get one. But the thing is, we think that Lexus is ready to separate with the 20-year-old platform when it finally introduces their newest range-topping concept at the upcoming 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

Dubbed the LF-1 Limitless Concept, Toyota designed this car in collaboration with CALTY. If you are not aware, it is the same studio that penned the looks of the FT-1 sports car. As mentioned earlier, Lexus’ newest vehicle will be coming to Detroit in just a few weeks from now. We expect it to look a lot different from the LX, based on the teaser we have seen.

The automaker sees the concept as the next genre in luxury crossover vehicles. Furthermore, it is also supposed to “redefine the boundaries of luxury”. We are not surprised that the automaker is sharing very little information when asked about the upcoming concept. One thing we should know is the fact that it adopts similar styling to the rest of the range, which includes a massive spindle grille and a sculpted rear.

Based on the teaser photo, we can tell that it has an interesting tail light design shaped as a wide “U” that meets in the center. It is placed above an illuminated Lexus badge in blue. This makes us wonder whether the LF-1 might actually be some kind of a hybrid. There was also a blue display that we saw in the teaser, which made us think that it might be a dashboard, but it turned out to be a pair of a headrest-integrated entertainment system for the rear passengers.

Let us hope that the LF-1 concept reaches the production line, and when it does, it could be the latest offering in the automaker’s growing SUV range. So far, Lexus has models like the NX, the RX, and the GX, and lastly, they are further planning on adding a smaller UX to replace the gap left by the CT 200h. The new LF-1 could possibly also replace the LX and make a five-crossover lineup of its own.

If you are into this concept, we would suggest that you head over to the Detroit Auto Show on January 8 so you could see the actual model, and get more in-depth specs of this model. You could also stay tuned as we will soon fill you in with the information we will be getting next month.


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