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Imagine A Sportscar That Delivers Exciting Driving Experience in Affordable Way

100 kW Concept Sportscar has been designed to offer memorable and exciting driving experience with less energy, material resources, and of course financial. We all know that power output numbers of sportscars have been increased inflationary over the last decades and the have reached four digit values. However, according to Robin Ritter, the designer, the essence of sportscar driving is not about extreme speed, it is more about feeling the edge where driver and machine reach their physical limits. That’s why he wanted to design an affordable sportscar without sacrificing the experience.

100 kW Concept Sportscar by Robin Ritter is a lightweight sportscar that makes most out of its limited power resources. The design started with a research phase, ideation, and sketches, then finally followed by a refinement phase and execution of the design. The final result is a super concept sportscar that use state-of-the art technologies and materials as efficient as possible. The styling is in line with current Porsche’s design DNA yet it still has links to the past. Porsche aficionados would find some references to the models from the past but most elements are respectfully interpreted in modern and timeless way.

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