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Fuel Scarcity: Have we been truly scammed by the APC?

This is a post written by Audu Bulama Bukarti and he writes about the lingering fuel scarcity that is lingering in the nation. According to him, this is not the change the APC led govt promised us. Read more below.. 

I am currently at a filling station at BUK road in Kano. My car is the 70th on the queue. This means if it will take only 3 minutes to fuel every car, I will take about 3 and a half hours to get fuel. That’s all things been equal.

I can vividly remember that when the PMB-led APC government hiked PMS price from N87 to N145 per liter without prior notice, it promised us that that would be the end of fuel scarcity in the country. They said the price will crash in six months.

When there was minimal scarcity last December, hailers took to the social media with headlines like “The First December without Fuel Queues”, “Fuel Scarcity is now History”, “The Change has Come”.

Today, we are back to yesterday. we have to queue for several hours to fuel our cars. This is a text definition of the PDD days. The only difference is that we have to pay almost DOUBLE the PDP price we resisted with the last atom of our energy. This is the change they promised, I think.

The Big and Little Ministers for Petroleum have pretended ignorance of the current situation of things with us. Hailers have buried themselves in the sand of shame. They may be awaiting the slightest opportunity to yet again Jonathan for this one too as if that is what we voted them for.

It appears obvious to me that the Change Government has scammed us yet again. We shall, however, continue to struggle until we get it right as a country. So Help Us, God!

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  1. I wonder what @buhari going to tell us we Nigerians come 2019, a confused govt, Lie Mohammed still waiting for your lies and counter accusations


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