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For refusing to give a 50 naira bribe, Police kills driver and a passerby (Photos)

The campaign to put the Nigeria Police in check has been ongoing for almost a month now. The police are meant to protect and to be a good friend to the citizen but reverse seem to be the case. This is an eyewitness account of a man named Olubiyo Joseph, according to him, the incident happened in Oye Ekiti where a policeman killed 2 people over the refusal of the driver to give a 50 naira brie. Read the account below.

It was a sad day on the 12th of December as officers of the Nigeria Police intercepted our bus at Oye Ekiti. They forced our driver to give them #50 but he begged them that he would see them the next day, they objected. So after pleading with them, he zoomed off. Immediately, the policemen fired gunshots at us severally. The bullet penetrated the driver's head. Unfortunately, he died on the spot and our bus somersaulted; I was beside the driver.

A passerby was also hit by a stray bullet and in a state of comatose and was rejected by the hospital I was taken to. They had to refer him to the FMC. I thank Jehovah though I sustained various degrees of injury. I thank God for the gift of life, that I didn't die in the process. ...

Indeed, Nigeria Police is the worst in the world. Their DPO lied to the government that it was an accident, but the journalists, former Chairman Oye LG, Chairman NURTW Ekiti state, the slain driver's son approached me at the hospital to get the right information which I did. The incident was aired on the radio....i had to leave the hospital for security reasons, albeit, they were planning to take me to the Commissioner of Police and the governor to explain the ugly incident.

I thank God and the Bible in my hand if not, it would have been a different story. God, you are alive and great. Nigeria Police are beasts in human skin.; they are worst than the armed robbers, no doubt. These people have the oversight of protecting lives and property, but the reverse is the case. I'm sure by now, the boys would have set the police station ablaze. I thank the God of Israel for abiding with me.

Albeit, the news I just heard on the radio now is that the policeman that fired the shot has been arrested and detained and would be disengaged from the Force. But, dismissing only the shooter isn't enough. The other police personnel that was at the roadblock should also be brought to book. 


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