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A Clarion Call to Gov Ambode: Lagos Is Getting Dirty - Photos

The elders say if you can't maintain the standard, then don't start. Lagos is a centre of excellence and also a home to millions of people, with a population of about 20million Nigerians, it is a huge task to put the city into order. During the administration of Mr. Babatunde Fashola, Lagos is a clean city where roads and walkways are adorned with flowers, the PSP operators are always on time as they visit homes to collect your refuses and lots more, this seems to be a thing of the past as Lagos is getting dirtier daily, the PSP operators seem to have relaxed or reduced, LAWMA seems to have been scrapped, even the Cleaner Lagos which was launched some months back seems to be a facade as it's only on social media they seem to operate.

AutoReportNG was at Lagos Island around Oluwole last week and half of the road was blocked with refuse, when we interviewed some of the market women and store owners around there, we were told that the PSP operators have refused to show up for past 4 days so that is why the place is filled up with dirt, even the high brow areas like Ikoyi, Lekki areas are getting the heat, an appeal is being made to Lagos state government to please savage this situation, Lagos was once a clean city some past 8 years ago, if it worked then, it can work now just that we need to set up our piorities right and take the right people.

This is a report from Alimosho area about the PSP operators...

The PSP operator for the Alimosho Local government Ward D which is Nakod Ventures for over 6 months to a year now they haven't come to collect waste and it's already scaling up to a mountain size. They have burnt and burnt and tired of burning. Yesterday they came together and packed up all the dirts together in the middle of Shasha road maybe the government would intervene now.....

See more pictures below...

Photo Credit:
Hero Faleye Indigenous Ibrahim

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