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Thinking of going to Mars? This Land Rover vehicle is a perfect ride

Far Above Far Beyond Concept Transportation proposal for Land Rover. Land Rover is a rich history brand that’s been known for its tough vehicles that we use to explore the unconquered terrain. This concept vehicle is a future vision for the year 2030 where first manned missions to Mars are planned. The first astronaut would need an exploration vehicle that is not limited by its range and capability. Far Above Far Beyond Concept Transportation wants to provide the best off-road capability to explore Mars, it’ll also be able to house expedition crews for longer periods of time thanks to its extended life support on multi-week long journeys.

Designed by Dominik Krug, octagon shape has become the underlying theme because it has inherently strong shape and very useful for construction of pressurized chambers. The design of this futuristic vehicle focuses on connection ability to other vehicles, modular attachment, safety features, and off-road system.

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