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Porsche and Singer Vehicles Collaborate to make Porsche 964 DLS

Singer vehicle design collaborates with Williams advanced engineering in creating the Porsche ‘964’ custom coupé. The result of the two-year development of the ‘964’ depicts a relentless pursuit of aesthetics through a lightweight and artistic philosophy, and an attempt to celebrate an era of lightweight, air-cooled Porsche ‘911s’ that targeted absolute performance on road and track.

Singer vehicle design’s + Williams advanced engineering offer restoration and modification services, known as DLS (dynamics and lightweight study) – also developed with a collection of specialists such as BBS motorsport, Brembo, and Michelin. Renowned Porsche engineers Norbert Singer, and Hans Mezger participated as special consultants bringing their knowledge and guidance in the areas of aerodynamics and engine development.

The car is presented in ‘Absinthe’ – a color unique to the study – with interior leather in ‘blood’ orange. Beneath the bonnet is a Porsche four-valve, four-camshaft, naturally aspirated, 500 hp air-cooled flat-six engine developed with consultation by Hans Mezger. The ‘942’ has received underbody and surface aero performance optimization through computational fluid dynamics analysis with consultation by Norbert Singer. Further weight reduction methods and the use of carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium, and other advanced materials all contribute to a minimum vehicle weight of 990 kg / 2180 lb.

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